About JLA & Agents

About JLA

The Janczuk Literary Agency (JLA), LLC was opened in September 2019, when it became apparent that one of the things I’ve always needed and desired was to manage my own infrastructure, and to creatively lead from a desire for deep integrity, high-quality representation, and longevity of vision and impact, given a personal intellectual breadth and love.

I bring to agenting several years of agenting experience, exposure to scouting and extended foreign rights support, and a love of the theory that underlies the strongest contract negotiations—the marketplace, with its ever-greater changes, meets the law. I also spent six years in the non-profit context, acquiring management and corporate experience that changes the way I envision the potential of the book publishing market to shape minds and hearts; to shape culture.

At JLA, I represent a full range of literary works, including fiction and non-fiction, both of which meet my tastes for smart, high-quality, intentional, and compact writing and narrative.

On the fiction end, I look for genie feels—that distinct voice, narrative structure, and more—and love projects which hit the literary-commercial sweet spot, with some degree of eclecticism and strangeness in them not uncommon.

On the non-fiction end, I bear a serious love of the trivia-based and academic, and love to design think and mind model my way into projects. I am particularly interested in hearts and minds with personal, academic, or otherwise professional experiences who have the capacity to leave impact (social, cultural, political, economic, academic, or otherwise). I also love projects that show healthy degrees of research, intelligence, and advancing discourse.

You can find my PublishersMarketplace profile here.

FAQ: What is a literary agent? And what do agents do?

Here is an introductory summary from me of an agent’s tasks, to help contextualize the role of a literary agent in the publishing business.

Beyond this, see a general overview of the transition from query letter to pitch to contract, and check out some basic concepts with regards to the book deal that is finalized by the contract.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to start a conversation over Twitter, and we can always go offline if you have any desperate questions. Others find QueryTracker forums another great place to ask.