A Quick Public Note RE: Medical Leave

Dear Friends,

I spent five weeks on medical leave (8/5-8/20, and again 8/22-9/12) without any real access to my phone or computer, and thus my email, following a freak accident. The cause? Think a period of disassociation and amnesia; there exists a short time period from which I remember little to nothing–some things have left significant and severe memory gaps. I don’t remember most of what happened in the days that led up to these hospitalizations.

I’m working through a backlog of emails and other correspondence in order to put puzzle pieces together, but this included the pre-emptive announcement of some good things (including the now-formalized announcement of moves for Gearbreakers film realities–updated 10/7) and some public confusion over others. All was non-intentional (I know there have been some questions!); our brain has the capacity to do weird things, and mine sort of defected for a short bit.

Given that I’m one who lives very deeply intentionally oriented to health, across all dimensions (spiritual, emotional, and intellectual), these events were totally out of the ordinary for me, and ultimately not indicative of me–a one-off, of a kind that’s hard to explain!

Where there is some degree of emotional maturity and intelligence, this does not impair any kind of authentic, honest, and hard-working relationship, work- or personal-wise, and I was gladly discharged from the hospital on Thursday with a total green light to return to work!

I don’t anticipate there being any additional medical problems, but I did want to note this in public, in case you notice any shifts here that have come about as a result of the medical leave, including work now with my own literary agency, founded to respond to a greater freedom in strategic planning and an eye towards the kind of non-fiction list that I want to build.

I look forward to reviewing queries and manuscripts submitted, and hope to respond to absolutely everything that remains in my inbox.

It’s a total and utter joy to be back, with the goal of building a stable and healthy list of fiction and non-fiction. From this perspective, nothing changes–the same wishlist remains.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out: weronika@lightningbugspub.com.

I’m happy to answer any/all questions, and get on the phone with anyone who may have any more of them.

Warm wishes, and until soon,


2 thoughts on “A Quick Public Note RE: Medical Leave

  1. D Ho says:

    I was following you on twitter for a while just waiting for the right time to query you when all this went down. It was one of those “truth-is-stranger-than-fiction” moments. That’s how I knew it was for real. I’m glad to know that you came through it and are well. I’ve been following your story since and I just wait to see what happens next. You’re definitely one of the more interesting Lit Agents on Twitter. LOL.


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