A Quick Public Note RE: Medical Leave

Dear Friends,

I spent five weeks on medical leave (8/5-8/20, and again 8/22-9/12) without any real access to my phone or computer, and thus my email, following a freak accident. Think a period of disassociation, amnesia, and symptoms of a traumatic brain injury, where there actually wasn’t one. There exists a short time period from which I remember little to nothing–some things have left significant and severe memory gaps; I don’t remember most of what happened in the days that led up to these hospitalizations.

I’m working through a backlog of emails and other correspondence in order to put puzzle pieces together, but this included the pre-emptive announcement of some good things (including the now-formalized announcement of moves for Gearbreakers film realities–updated 10/7) and some public confusion over others. All was non-intentional (I know there have been some questions!); our brain has the capacity to do weird things, and mine sort of defected neurologically for a short bit.

Given that I’m one who lives very deeply intentionally oriented to health, across all dimensions (spiritual, emotional, and intellectual-mental), these events were totally out of the ordinary for me, and ultimately not indicative of me–a one-off, of a kind that’s hard to explain!

Where there is some degree of emotional maturity and intelligence, this does not impair any kind of authentic, honest, and hard-working relationship, work- or personal-wise, and I was gladly discharged from the hospital on Thursday with a total green light to return to work!

I don’t anticipate there being any additional medical problems, but I did want to note this in public, in case you notice any shifts here that have come about as a result of the medical leave, including work now with my own literary agency, founded to respond to a greater freedom in strategic planning and an eye towards the kind of non-fiction list that I want to build.

I look forward to reviewing queries and manuscripts submitted, and hope to respond to absolutely everything that remains in my inbox.

It’s a total and utter joy to be back, with the goal of building a stable and healthy list of fiction and non-fiction. From this perspective, nothing changes–the same wishlist remains.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out: weronika@lightningbugspub.com.

I’m happy to answer any/all questions, and get on the phone with anyone who may have any more of them.

Warm wishes, and until soon,


2 thoughts on “A Quick Public Note RE: Medical Leave

  1. D Ho says:

    I was following you on twitter for a while just waiting for the right time to query you when all this went down. It was one of those “truth-is-stranger-than-fiction” moments. That’s how I knew it was for real. I’m glad to know that you came through it and are well. I’ve been following your story since and I just wait to see what happens next. You’re definitely one of the more interesting Lit Agents on Twitter. LOL.


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