Pre-Order: THINK ON YOUR FEET by Jen Oleniczak Brown

Pre-order Think on Your Feet (McGraw-Hill, Nov. 2019) here!

Jen sold this book after Amy, Jen’s editor at McGraw-Hill, visited one of the classes that she makes available via The Engaging Educator (EE), as EE’s founder. Since its founding, EE has served more than 50k people, teaching impromptu and communication skills, among other things.

[For more info about Jen, see this ‘Meet Jen’ post.]

When I saw the PublishersMarketplace listing for this deal go up, and Jen listed without an agent, I did my research–and saw that Jen has a huge platform, a great array of corporate-level links across multiple organizations, and the potential to build out an entire list of great non-fiction projects. (I also happen to be, *ahem*, a former high school speechie and debater. Just watch this, and you’ll understand all things.)

I put in a couple of emails, and a great phone call, in which I impressed (most obviously) Jen with our mutually Polish background, enough for Jen to prefer this public relationship over a couple of other agents who chased; now Jen and I are on the move. I love working with her.

While I was not the agent on the project, I highly encourage it–Jen has diverse experience, is such a fun and spunky teacher, and is well on her way to being a 21st-century breakout star. Check it out.

Isn’t Jen just so spunky?

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