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R.L. Fryar

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Meet R.L. Fryar

A writer of adult speculative fiction, Rebecca has resided in AR her entire life, with the exception of a stint in TN, where she completed her Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM) studies at the Univ. of TN-Knoxville. I signed Rebecca after reading her adult fantasy manuscript Ironsfork, which is set the Ouachita Mountains, where she grew up, and tells the story of Dwyn, a fire-breathing elemental dwarf condemned to a death sentence by a necromancer for a murder he did not intend to commit.

City/State or Province: Russellville, AR

Birthday (MM/DD): 7/22

Describe your writing and how you came to work with Weronika: I have been a fantasy writer as long as I have been writing. I started at fourteen with flying unicorns, and now I write about fantasy folk living contemporarily as if they always lived in the South like they lived in my imagination.

I first noticed Weronika commenting in Pass or Pages for Operation Awesome. Her feedback on queries and pages was amazingly precise and generous, a unique combination that made her one of my top choices to query with my manuscript. Once I saw that her manuscript wish-list contained so many of the things dear to my heart, I knew that she was right for my story.

Favorite TV show: I don’t watch much television, but I was a fan of Star Trek Deep Space Nine and Stargate Atlantis.

Favorite book of the year: While I don’t have any new releases that I can tout as favorites, I found Summerlong by Peter Beagle at the library this year and it was outstanding. Lyrical writing and messy, complicated relationships. Just my kind of story.

If I could have dinner with anyone (dead or alive, fictional or historical), it would be: Got to be J.R.R. Tolkien. I wouldn’t have much to say. Probably just stare and listen while he talked of dragons.

If I were to hang a quote or an art piece above my fireplace, it would be: View of Toledo by El Greco. I’ve been inspired by that work for years.

Three things to ask me about: Character development, best mountains in Arkansas, and the strange things your cat does.

Most interesting idea I’ve encountered in the past three years: Oh, so many. But practical use of an idea always amazes me. My art teacher introduced to adding watercolor media to egg tempura for painting eyes and lips. The shine absolutely blew my mind. Old technique, but new to me.

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When did I write my first novel? What was it about, and what prompted it?

My very first novel was about a runaway princess and a flying unicorn gone rogue. I had recently discovered that while my imagination wasn’t exactly welcome in conversation, it was more or less safe to spill it on the pages of every notebook I could get my hands on. I think I related more to the unicorn than the princess!

If I could read books from any single imprint for the rest of my life, which imprint would it be?

Del Rey. I’d be sure of keeping my beloved J.R.R. Tolkien.

If there is any one advice that I’ve heard about writing fiction that has proven itself to be true, which piece of advice is it?

Write where your passion is.

When and where during the day do I write? Lighting? Sound? Coffee, tea, other?

I like to write first draft material in the mornings. Poems sometimes perk up before I perk up, and if one of them is around, I try to pin it down before it flies away. I like a reasonably dark space, and I recently adopted the idea of a writing candle to mark my time. I can write with music, without music, with my teen boys playing games behind me, and my cats demanding attention.

The only thing I won’t write through? When one of my boys has freshly written story to read to me. That gets my undivided attention. I am a hot tea drinker regardless of the weather outside.

Plot or characters? Voice or prose?

Characters and voice. I can fix plot and prose with rewriting, but if I don’t capture character and voice at the beginning, it can be hard to find them later.

2 thoughts on “Meet W.’s Clients: R.L. Fryar

  1. Jan M. Flynn says:

    When I find so many disparate yet resonant points with another writer: Tolkien, Peter S. Beagle, Star Gate Atlantis, Deep Space Nine — and El Greco! — I’m thinking I have to read her stuff. Looking forward to diving in!


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