When Writers Write Much

My lovely client, Hayley, is a writer of adult speculative fiction. She is also one who writes much. Check out her list of 2018 publications and pieces up for different award nominations here.

“Stone writes with grit, passion, and indomitable energy. A helluva ride.” – Joseph Brassey, author of The Mongoliad and Skyfarer

An outlaw queen’s dangerous flesh magic brings a gentleman marshal into her debt. Together, the pair must take down an even deadlier gang to clear her name.

I’d encourage everyone to pay special attention to this weird Western, Make Me No Grave, which Hayley sold before we started to work together to Aethon Books, a new imprint that is blowing up the e- and audio- Science Fiction/Fantasy (SF/F) world.

It’s available in trade paperback, on Kindle, and on Audible via Amazon.

In addition to this newly published title, Hayley has written two prior novels, and a series of recent short stories and poems, the details about which are available on her blog post.

Here’s the beginning of a poem, “Results of Your Quiz: Which Survivor of the Trojan War Are You?”, and you’ll have to click to read the remainder.

In your bed, instead of a girl 
they will find the impression 
of a girl, your sheets soaked 
in sweat, a body-sized bruise 
left in the linens…

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